The True Biblical Belief is called Israelism.

I Am YHWH (Yahweh) besides Me there is no Savior, Isa. 43:11.
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As for our Redeemer, Yahweh of hosts
is His name, the Holy One of Israel.
Isaiah 47:4.
Yahweh is the only Redeemer, and Yahweh is the only Savior.

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John's Gospel reveals the proper personal Divine Name YHWH. YHWH is transliterated as 'Yahweh' in English and is the name of the ONE (Biblical) Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence (aka G-d) of all that was, is, and will ever be. Yahweh is the Original-Originator of the endless eternal Universe as was revealed by divine inspiration to the ancient anointed prophets. Yahweh is the Only Redeemer and the Only Savior, Isaiah 43:11; 45:22. Yahweh's Essence (holy spirit) exists throughout the unlimited eternal ever-existing Universe. Life throughout His Universe cannot exist without Him. Here you will learn about the Covenant (ten Commandments) Yahweh made with Abraham, Isaac, and with Jacob-Israel. This Covenant now also applies to all those who choose to become part of His eternal family because of His mercy, their repentance, and their keeping of the Covenant. Learn about the dispersed Lost Tribes of True Israel.

YHWH gif
Our Almighty-One has named Himself YHWH. The left gif displays YHWH's name forming from ancient Hebrew into modern Hebrew. Note: The Bible (NASB95) taggable links on this site uses the word 'LORD' (in error) for the Hebrew name YHWH (Yahweh), and the word 'God' (in error) for the Hebrew word elohim that means Mighty-One(s). Always replace the word 'LORD' with the name Yahweh and the word 'God' with the word elohim when reading English Bible translations. Note: The Hebrew name of our Almighty YHWH (Yahweh) means: He-Is, He-Exists, or Ever-Living. Yahweh is the proper Hebrew name of the One Almighty. Yahweh is THE Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence of all that exists. Yahweh is the only Redeemer and man's Only Savior. Yahwism-Israelism is the Basic Biblical Belief that developed directly from the Almighty Sovereign Himself when He revealed His principles and precepts for righteous living through His inspiration to Moses and to the ancient anointed Israelite Prophets. These then faithfully recorded Yahweh's revealed word to them in the Hebrew Bible for righteous living all for our benefit. Yahshua (Jesus) taught these Basic Biblical Beliefs.

It is important to understand that the Almighty Sovereign Yahweh is incorporeal, and therefore He uses His created celestial beings, His angel messengers, (aka members of Yahweh's heavenly host) when communicating (as if) face to face with mortal beings (man-kinds). When this occurs these appointed celestial messengers have been given authority by the Almighty Sovereign Yahweh Himself. Because of this granted authority these powerful appointed messengers are as ambassadors of the highest order and may sometimes be addressed by primitive mortal man using the name Yahweh (He-Exists). Yahshua (aka Jesus) the First Century Prophet (in the Greek writings) taught his followers only using the Hebrew Bible's theology of Monotheism. Adherents to the Basic Biblical Beliefs of Israelism/Yahwism are at times called
Yahwists or Israelists. Yahshua (aka Jesus) and his followers do not believe in a Pagan Trinity God, because they know, Yahweh is one '.... that You whose name is Yahweh is the Most High over all the earth'. Psalms 83:18. See also: Deuteronomy 4:35,39; Isaiah 43:10-11; 44:8; 45:5-6; 45:18; 46:9-10, Jeremiah 10:10; Jeremiah 16:19-21. Hear, Israel: 'Yahweh is our Almighty-One. Yahweh is One.(our Only Savior)'. Deuteronomy 6:4.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to restore the original Basic Biblical Beliefs and the teachings of Israelism/Yahwism as can be found only in the Hebrew Bible (the Tan'akh). This Basic belief was also taught by the anointed First Century prophet Yahshua (Jesus), and by all his chosen Apostles. We reveal false Christian doctrines using the ancient Paleo Hebrew language of the Bible and Konie Greek. In our documents, we apply correct applicable, exegesis, proper etymology and accurate English words when translating or transliterating Hebrew or Greek. Through Yahweh's Essence this path will bring True Israelites and the strangers (those that join with all True Israelites) to a complete understanding of His inspired revelation revealed through the writings of the chosen prophets. It is our prayer, that this will bring seekers for Biblical truth into fellowship and members of the Household of Yahweh. Our Basic Bible Beliefs will not be found in, or taught by any modern Christian Organizations anymore. This is because they no longer follow the solid foundation found only in the writings of the Hebrew Bible that Yahshua (Jesus) used, and those teachings in the Greek Testament from the prophet Yahshua (Jesus). We will not rely on traditions, conjecture, or private opinions from the Pharisee Paul/Saul or any of the New Testament writings written by unknown authors as foundational, unless they are in harmony with the principles first established in the Hebrew Bible, Deuteronomy 4:2. See: Helps to Study Basic Bible Beliefs).

The Biblical Belief of Israelism-Yahwism

True Biblical Israelites/Yahwists have never been Jews or Jewish and their religious belief is not Judaism or Christianity. Judaism evolved from man-made traditions (condemned by Yahshua) and from opinions developed from the various Jewish Talmudim's, and the mystic Jewish Kabala. With Judaism the opinions of the Talmudim (which is conjecture) rules over the Hebrew Bible which is truth. Christianity is based upon Doctrines developed for the Emperor Constantine by his pagan priests using their approved 27 Greek (NT) writings; the documents were sifted from hundreds available simply because it appeared they supported Constantine's agenda. This was done some 325+ years after the prophet Yahshua (Jesus) lived. All NT documents (many by unknown authors) were written many decades after Yahshua was executed for sedition against Rome. The Book in the Greek NT called 'John' was written in the Second Century by a unknown author(s) well over 100 + years after Yahshua was executed. The 7 letters believed authored by the Pharisee Paul/Saul (a member of a sect condemned by Yahshua) were written over 25 years after Yahshua's execution. Paul never met Yahshua and was never taught by him. All of Paul's writings are simply opinions and are based on his own conjecture. The remaining NT letters except maybe for the letter called James, and Jude are also authored by unknown authors some claiming to be Paul. Israelism/Yahwism only recognizes the Hebrew Bible as sole authority, which defines the Almighty Creator Yahweh as the Redeemer and only Savior. Only the percepts and principles found in the Hebrew Bible can lead believers to repentance, to forgiveness, to redemption, and into eternal life. See: Yahwism vs Christianity

Israel's Renewed Covenant

It is by accepting and keeping the 10 Commandments (the Covenant Yahweh made with Biblical Israel) and by doing His will that converts a 'genetic' Israelite or a stranger (non-genetic Israelite) into a True redeemed Israelite and a member of Yahweh's everlasting household and eternal life. Israelism-Yahwism is the only original monotheism belief held by the original 12 tribes of Ancient Biblical Israel and also by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus) and by all of his chosen Disciples. Their belief was not Christianity or Judaism (Phariseeism). Disobedience to the Covenant (contract) keeps one an outcast which may result in negative consequences. The outcast condition remains until there is a sincere repentance before Yahweh, His acceptance, His forgiveness, His redemption, and a return by the violator toward a renewed keeping the Covenant, and thereafter by doing the Father's will for them, Matt. 7:21.

A Coat of Arms or Ensign for each individual Ancient Israelite Tribe (Num. 2:1-2) developed following the blessings of Jacob - Israel as he prophesied over each of the 12 sons before he died. Various objects, animals, or a son's characteristics were represented as symbols on the Ensigns, Genesis 4.
(Click here to view samples of Ensigns - Heraldry of the tribes).

Similar tribal Symbols are still used today to locate the present descendants of the Ancient True Israel now scattered over the entire globe and innumerable. The 10 tribes of True Israel are still considered lost, a result of the first dispersion into ancient Assyria 721 BC (ending the Northern Kingdom) and the second dispersion into ancient Babylonia-Persia 587 BC (ending the Southern Kingdom). But the truth is, the whereabouts of the Ancient Israelite descendants have never been completely lost because their Coat of Arms or Ensigns have remained with the many dispersed Israelite families throughout their history. The Ancient symbols are still found within the Ensigns of many of the original Caucasian Adamic Nations of Western Europe, and the various nations subsequently founded by them. This was all as promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (renamed Israel). Most of the dispersed Israelites dwelling in Europe were forced over time into believing Constantine's Roman developed Christianity, beginning about 325 AD. Even today, because of their ignorance, many still remain Christian. This is very sad and it is the intent of this website to lead those seeking Biblical truth into finding it here.

A simple internet way to study Basic Hebrew Bible words
A simple internet way to study Basic Greek Bible words

The Standard (Flag) of True Israelites

True Israelite Flag (click here to copy) The flag represents the 12 tribes of True Israel now Dispersed over the entire globe. The dark blue background of the Flag represents the border-less and endless Universal domain of The Almighty Sovereign Creator Yahweh. The 12 Stars (3 on each red bar) represent the 12 original tribes. The red bars represent the 4 Brigades of the dominant tribes of Yahudah, Dan, Ephraim and Reuben, Numbers 2:1-31. Each Brigade is pointing to the common blue center. The center of the Flag is in the shape of a large plus (+) this is the ancient Hebrew sign for a mark, or a signature of an everlasting agreement between Yahweh and His people. The center (+) in the flag does NOT represent the Christian 'cross' or letter (T) 'taw'.

Study Documents just click on the links:

Yahshua (Jesus) was never a Christian. His belief was Yahwism so he was a Yahwist.
Pauline Christianity does not follow the Bible. We do. Here is our Biblical Statement of Belief.
Example of a False Christian Statement of Belief, See Our corrections and comments.
The word 'G-d' is NOT in the Hebrew Bible. The word is 'Alueim' (aka Elohim) defined here.
The Creator of all is named Yahweh (YHWH in Hebrew) as defined here.
Because our history follows the Hebrew Bible, this is who we are.
As the sole administrator of this 'True Israelism' website, this is who I am.
Yahshua (aka Jesus) was not a Savior for a repentant sinner, because Yahweh is the only Savior.
Here you will find the Biblical difference between Yahwism vs Christianity.
Churches have accepted the Pharisee Paul, but ignored Yahshua. What is Pauline Christianity?
It is very importand to know the approximate Dates of the Bible Books.
For study helps, here is the Timeline of the Christian Church.
For the new Bible truth seeker, know that Christmas is for pagans.
One of the reasons Christianity is confusing, is because not all in the Bible is inspired.
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There are many false prophets, therefore we must test all Prophets and Prophesies.
Sacrifices do nothing for Yahweh. Here Israel's payment system is explained.
Yahshua's mission on earth was to preach repentance, and the Kingdom of Yahweh.
One of the reasons Christianity is confusing, is because Human sacrifice is forbidden.
Here is what the Bible really teaches about Redemption, Deliverance and Eternal life.
Did Yahweh tell Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? NO! Find out who told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
Israel was given the Covenant at Horeb, here is the Covenant/Contract (10 Commandments).

In the Hebrew Bible there is no such thing as a "New" Covenant.
Yahweh is revealed in the Hebrew Bible, but man makes G-ds. The Hebrew Bible vs New Testament.
Paul was never taught by Yahshua, that's why there were big problems with Paul.
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Wasn't the New Testament Yahshua's message? Who do you believe, Yahshua or Paul?
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There are some basic differences between Yahwism, Judaism, Christianity.
The confused beliefs of Christianity found in their Creeds vs Hebrew Bible's Almighty One.
You can become a brother or sister of Yahshua, making you a son or daughter of YHWH??
There are many poor Bible translations, here are some helps to study Scripture.

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The truth between the Palestinians and the Jews would change If Americans really knew.
The word "person" is used for Government advantage, so I am not a "person" are you?
This is an estimated listing by year for the Dating of Bible Books

Information you should know:
Universally accepted Christian Doctrines
that are Biblically False

The error of calling Jesus G-d (Yahweh) - The New Testament teaches that Jesus was a prophet25 with the Hebrew name Yahshua.26 Yahshua in Hebrew means Yahweh-saves, or Yahweh is Savior. According to the synoptic gospels 27 Yahshua was sent to the Lost Tribes of the house of Israel.28 Yahshua was called "the son of Yahweh" by some followers (there are many sons of Yahweh in the Bible), but he called himself, the son of man.29

Yahshua was never Yahweh the son. He was a natural born Israelite man; a prophet sent to Israel 30 to preach repentance and to announce that the Kingdom of Yahweh/of heaven was at hand.31 Yahshua's mission was to teach 32 First Century Israel, and to save them from the oral traditions and man-made laws that had enslaved them.33 His mission included a prophecy of judgment that was coming in their generation 34 through Rome. This judgment would destroy the corrupt Temple worship system and Jerusalem. Because Yahshua was faithful to his mission it resulted in his execution by Roman authorities.35

The error of the Trinity - The trinity concept is pagan, and it is foreign to the teachings of both the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. The English word "spirit" in the Hebrew Bible and in the NT means wind, or air.37 Air is not a person, but motivation. Yahweh is incorporeal (not physical), but Yahshua was physical (a human man).38 Yahshua (Jesus) of the Constantine Roman Catholic NT was developed into "the second person" of their Trinity G-d in 325 AD, at the first ecumenical council at Nicea, that declared the Christ to be of one essence with the Father. Presto, here is your new Trinity! For the previous 300 years of Christianity (i.e. the Church) there was no belief in a Trinity G-d. Yahshua was a created entity, a prophet, but Yahweh (G-d) has always existed.

The error of Human Sacrifice - Human or animal sacrifices to receive forgiveness for sin or to acquire favors from one's deity is pagan. Yahweh does not need a human or animal to die as payment to Him in order for Him to forgive sin. He receives no benefit from such pagan activity. Human sacrifice is forbidden by Him and is condemned. Yahweh tells Israel that Human sacrifice is such a horrible concept to Him, that it did not even come into "His mind" or to demand it from His people.39 This means that Yahweh would never accept the death of an appointed and anointed prophet like Yahshua on a pagan stake as a sacrifice (blood payment) for the forgiveness of another person's sin.40 The very idea that Yahweh requires human or animal sacrifice to forgive sins is not found in the Hebrew Bible.41 In the Hebrew Bible, slaughtered animals and other food items were "lost" to the owner as a substitute "for value" (like money is today) to pay for fines or offenses committed against the State, for atonement religious or civil. The majority of the lost items for payment, helped support the office of the priesthood, and paid for their services which were more than religious. The loss of valuable items also served as punishment to encourage righteous living.

The error of a Satan, devils and demons - The Hebrew Bible does not teach the concept of free roaming "spirit beings" with powers to compete with their own Creator. The word "satan" as used in the Hebrew Bible means an "adversary or opponent." The word satan 42 is not a "name" but refers to a position someone has taken by becoming an adversary or opponent to someone else. Even Yahweh can at times become an adversary, or an opponent. Prior to Moses many Israelites had become influenced by the pagan nations around them and were worshiping false G-d(s) and devils; all were idols or objects made or carved of stone or wood. Polytheism and idol (or devil) worship is of a pure pagan origin. Furthermore, it would be an oxymoron and an absurd idea to believe that Yahweh, who is the Almighty Sovereign Eternal Creator Power of all things, could be remotely challenged by one of His own created celestial (angels) beings.

The error of a physical Hell - a place of endless torment for the wicked. The belief of a hell as promoted by Roman Catholic paintings and drawings such as a purgatory is false theology. The Hebrew Bible does not teach the concept of a Christian hell. The Hebrew word "Sheol" 43 is the word that is sometimes translated as Hell in English translations, but the word by Hebrew definition means the "grave" or place of the dead. It is the place where the body goes after someone dies. It is the same place for the bodies of both the good and bad people. The plain fact is everyone's body goes to the grave after death. If there was a place of "eternal torture," a hell, even the wicked would have eternal life. The fact is the body of the wicked returns dust, the soul dies, but we believe the Bible teaches that the soul of the righteous continues on to be with their Almighty Creator.

Note: We believe that all true doctrines of belief must come from the Almighty Himself as He has revealed them through His anointed appointed Prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Therefore all subsequent doctrines that have their origin in a source other then the Hebrew Bible must be man's attempt to develop the "thoughts" of G-d. Such doctrines have been developed for control, manipulation, advantage or for power to capture wealth for religious institutions. Such power is also used to capture the human mind through 30,000 +45 (last count) of competing Christian denominations. Since this is a dependable fact, it is likely developed from the obvious confusion and tangled thought and opinions expressed in the uninspired NT Bible. We believe all the following Christian doctrinal schemes are false and far outside of Yahweh's inspired instructions through His anointed Prophets and His precepts found in the Hebrew Bible.46

The error of "Baptismal regeneration" - Baptism (adults) is simply an external public act for expressing internal repentance, i.e. the repentance for a life of wickedness and the intent toward a new life of righteousness. Baptism as an act is not a requirement for salvation or for obtaining eternal life.

The error of "Justification" by faith"- In the Biblical, justification is never by "faith." It is through ones faithfulness.47 The word "faith" in English translations of the NT Bible comes from the Greek word "Pistis" and has the correct Greek meaning of a "firm-persuasion." The English word "faith" has the meaning of "trust or confidence" in the statement or action of another, which without any evidence can be true or false, good or bad. That is why Biblical justification is only achieved through "faithfulness" (the expressed deliberate verifiable action by the individual).

The error of "original sin"- Calling everyone a sinner at birth because of the sin of Adam and Eve's disobedience, is false. Biblically, sin occurs by individual choice. Sins or offenses coming from one sinner are not passed on to another. Each person is responsible for his own actions, whether they are good, or bad.48

The error of "Holy Communion"- The sacrament of the "lord's supper" developed by Romanism has become analogous to pagan cannibalism. Such act even if imaginary is repulsive and not found in the Hebrew Bible.

The error of a "Second Coming" - A cover-up belief that comes from the misinterpretation of events in the NT Bible due to the fact that the expected rule of Jesus did not come to pass during the First Century. However, it did come to pass according to the NT Bible. Judgment was to come and did come upon Israel in 70 AD by way of Rome, Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 when the Temple was destroyed. Because this prophesy was not understood, the doctrine of a future coming was developed, to correct the earlier belief of an earthly kingdom. The Second Coming doctrine is false, but it is still being promoted to the ignorant.

The error of "a Future Earthly Kingdom" - Both Christianity and Judaism believe in a coming Messiah that will correct all the problems they see happening in the world. Christians believe this has to be by the second coming of Jesus. Jews do not believe that Jesus met their qualifications for their Messiah, so they are waiting for their own coming Messiah to correct the world problems (and put Jews in control). Christians have waited 2000 years and Jews about 2600 years. Well, if both are wrong, what happened to Yahweh's control over His Creation? The answer is - The Kingdom of Yahweh/ of heaven49 is within you! All will remain in complete control by Yahweh since He is the Original-originator of all that exists, of all that is, and of all that will ever be.

25 Matthew 13:57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house.
26 Yahshua is the proper Hebrew name of the "Greek NT Jesus," and has the meaning of "Yahweh-Saves."
27 Synoptic Gospels - are those gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke that tell the story of Yahshua's life and mission from a similar point of view and are similar in structure, likely because all three built their gospel using a common source. Matthew and Luke however, may have had material not available to early Mark.
28 Matthew 10:5 Jesus sent these twelve out, and commanded them, saying, "Don't go among the Gentiles, and don't enter into any city of the Samaritans. Mat 10:6 rather, go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
29 Matthew 8:20 Jesus said to him, "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the son of Man has nowhere to lay his head."
30 Matthew 15:24 But he answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
31 Kingdom of YHWH (or of heaven) is used interchangeably, Mat 4:17 from that time, Jesus began to preach, and to say, "Repent! For the Kingdom of YHWH/of Heaven is at hand."
32 Matthew 7:29 "For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes."
33 Mark 7:9 He said to them, "Full well do you reject the commandment of mighty One that you may keep your traditions."
34 Matthew 24:34 Most certainly I tell you, this generation will not pass away, until all these things are accomplished.
35 Mark 3:6 The Pharisees went out, and immediately conspired with the Herodians against him, how they might destroy him.
36 Not used
37 Hebrew (RWHh) - Wind: Also the wind of man or G-d, the breath. [Hebrew and Aramaic]; Greek - pneuma; a current of air, that is, breath (blast) or a breeze.
38 Matthew 8:20 Jesus said to him, "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head." Note: the phrase "Son of man" is repeated at least 90 times in the NT Bible.
39 Jeremiah 19:5 . . . and have built the high places of Baal, to burn their sons in the fire for burnt offerings to Baal; which I didn't command, nor speak, which didn't even enter into my mind: Jeremiah 19:6 therefore, behold, the days come," says Yahweh, "that this place will no more be called 'Topheth', nor 'The Valley of the son of Hinnom', but 'The valley of Slaughter'.
40 Ecclesiastes 12:14 For Mighty One will bring every work into judgment, with every hidden thing, whether it is good, or whether it is bad.
42 Satan - Hebrew (S-ThN) - Opponent, adversary.
43 Hell- Hebrew (Sh-AWL) - Means grave: The place of the dead as an unknown place.
44 In Roman Catholic doctrine, a hell like place where souls stay until they have expiated their sins and can go to heaven.
45 The world Christian database says there are some 9,000 + Christian Denominations worldwide.
46 Torah -Hebrew (TW-RH) - Means teaching: The direction one is to take in life. Torah is not Law.
47 Faith or Faithfulness -
48 Ecclesiastes 12:14 "For Mighty One will bring every work into judgment, with every hidden thing, whether it is good, or whether it is evil.

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