The Hebrew word “Alueim-Elohim” 


The Hebrew word “Alueim” (however you may want to spell it) has the meaning of “Powers” or “Mighty-ones”. It is always a plural noun; otherwise there would not be a need for the singular Hebrew forms (spelled in English) like –


Al: Mighty-one, strength, power

Aloah: singular form of Alueim with the same meanings as Al.

Alyon: The Most-high

Alueim: Mighty-ones, Powers,


Note: These terms when used are not proper names, but can be used as a title.


It is true, that Alueim can be understood in the singular, but only with its direct “improper use” or at times when used with a “singular” verb or when content would indicate it is meant to be singular form.


אלהים  (ALHYM) – Hebrew, means Mighty-ones, Powers, and is found about five hundred sixty eight times in the Hebrew Scriptures. The noun אלוה (ALWH) or אלה (ALH) in singular form is found in the Hebrew Scriptures some fifty-seven times (of which two are in Deuteronomy and forty-one in the Story of Job). The Chaldee form אלה  (ALH) similar to Hebrew occurs about seventy-four times in the singular, and ten times in the plural.


Its use in Gen 1:1 would be in the plural because it is in the proper form. From it however, some Christians get the false idea that the Eternal is one God, but in a plurality of persons (the so-called Godhead) i.e. Father, Son, and Spirit.  It is also plural when used with the article (the word the). Like for example the phrase, “The Alueim said” . . . (The powers said). . . .  talking about those who were appointed by YHWH in the Genesis creation story.


We are NOT Trinitarians. We believe Yahweh is “One Almighty”. Our Almighty uses and directs His Created Powers to do whatsoever He determines and He always communicates to mortal man on earth “through” his created beings. They are the celestial Powers, the Messengers (the Alueim). At times they may even use the name of the Almighty for their authority. Mankind could never survive a direct physical contact with the Life-Force Essence of the endless eternal Universe. We believe the Alueim (celestial messengers, powers, and mighty-ones) have existed from their beginning along with their Almighty Sovereign Creator.


Alueim in its direct use is either proper or improper, according to the object to which it is applied. Every instance of its proper use determines its meaning to be the  Almighty, or the Sovereign, who is Himself without beginning and has within Himself the power of causing others both personal and impersonal, to be or to exist, and who is the sole object of reverence and obedience to His creation.


The improper use of the word “alueim” mighty-one(s) comes from the lapse of man to believe in false objects (idols) or persons (false gods) for worship, or obedience. Many real or imaginary beings have come to be regarded as possessing the attributes of “a god” to them, and could then be entitled to the reverence belonging to a Deity. They would then be called alueim by others. This use proves the word alueim to be a common noun, and corroborates its proper meaning. However, when it is used that way the word loses much of its grandeur, and sometimes dwindles down from the supernatural and its referenced use to the true Almighty Sovereign Creator of all.


The indirect usage for the word alueim points to the primary and fundamental meaning of “Mighty-ones, or Powers”. In the Hebrew Bible It is also used in a relative and well-defined sense to refer to one(s) appointed by the Almighty to stand in a certain divine relationship each another. This relation is that of one provided with authority to administrator the will of The Almighty-one as in the use of Powers for the celestial messengers “the mighty-ones” (angels).


Various chosen men (prophets and messengers) exercised such a function for the Almighty among the people, and so were empowered by Almighty Sovereign in the position He placed to them. Man, was originally adapted for ruling, and being made in the image of the “Mighty-ones” and where commanded to have dominion over all the inferior creatures. Parent(s) for example, are also Power(s) Mighty-ones in some respect to their children.