Doctrines that are Rejected by the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

The following Doctrines (teachings) have NO supporting Scriptures. They have been developed through Pagan influence, Mysticism, Fables, Custom, Culture, Traditions, and to a large extent - to obtain control of the masses and their money by early Roman Catholic hierarchy under the influence of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

(a partial list, presented in no particular order)

The Bible does NOT teach:

- that the Almighty Sovereign Creator Power Spirit of all had a beginning.
- that the word G-d is a proper substitute word for the Creator's name "YHWH" (Yahweh).
- that the name J-sus is the proper substitute for Yahshua, a son of Yahweh.
- that Yahshua existed co-eternally with The Sovereign Creator Spirit Yahweh.
- that Yahweh created the Universe and all things in 7 literal 24-hour days.
- that the Almighty Sovereign Creator Power Spirit violates His laws of science.
- that Adam and Eve were the first people on the globe.
- that Adam and Eve are the parents of all the various races of man-kind on the globe.
- that the being in Eden that tempted and spoke to Adam and Eve was a literal snake.
- that angels (celestial beings) can have intercourse with daughters of men-kind.
- that Noah's flood covered the entire globe and killed all breathing life.
- that Scripture is the history and record for all the various races on the globe.
- that the laws of Yahweh, given only to Israel, are for all the races on the globe.
- that Yahweh is a trinity (three persons in one being) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
- that Yahshua Messiah was not able to sin.
- that every word in the Bible is without error and inspired by Yahweh.
- that there is a physical place of eternal hell fire.
- that the globe is under the power of a Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or other created being.
- that Satan, Devils and Demons can possess and enter into the minds of people.
- that celestial messengers (angels) of Yahweh can sin and challenge the ONE who Created them.
- that there was a war in heaven, featuring rebellious angels fighting good angels.
- that it is possible for a G-d to die.
- that men-kind can see the Sovereign Almighty Creator Yahweh, who is pure Spirit.
- that Mary the mother of Yahshua was born without sin.
- that the Kingdom of God, or of heaven, is coming some time in the future.
- that the Kingdom of God, or of heaven is "the church" or is physical.
- that Yahshua the Messiah was executed on a Christian cross having a horizontal cross member.
- that there will be a Second Coming to begin the earthly reign of Yahshua.
- that there will be a literal thousand-year reign by Yahshua on earth.
- that there will be a future rapture of the saints up in the air out of the world.
- that the resurrection from the dead is only for faithful believers.
- that the book of Revelation deals with future prophecy applicable to this present age.
- that the fictional, non-historical Book of Ester belongs in Scripture.
- that the Scriptures are limited to the current 66 books in the current Bible.
- that the Sabbath, the seventh day, was changed to a Sunday, the 1st day of the week.
- that sprinkling is a correct form to demonstrate Baptismal repentance
- that Baptism is done by invoking the Christian "Trinity."
- that without the Gospel message, or faith in Yahshua, there is no salvation.
- that Yahshua was a human sacrifice for the sins of the world.
- that Yahweh the Almighty would accept a substitute human sacrifice for anyone's sin.
- that Yahshua Messiah was not a physical descendant of King David
- that the earth and everything on it will be destroyed with fire.
- that heaven is a physical place for believers to go after death.
- that homosexuality is a life style permitted in Scripture.
- that marriage with an unbeliever, or miscegenation among the races is permitted.
- that Jews are related to the historical Scriptural Israelites or the tribe of Yahudah.
- that Jews are true descendants of Shem, or that Jews are even Shemites.
- that the Jewish people are Yahweh's chosen people, and descendants of Abraham.
- that the modern state of Israel is found in future Bible prophecy.

Presented for aletheia, by the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade