Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, who we are


The "Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade" (A.O.Y., Cascade) is a local non-foreign United States sub-group of the collective whole Assembly of Dispersed True Israel. We organized under the “First Amendment” of the Constitution for the united States of America as a non-profit Religious Society (Trust) situated in the United States of America, Washington State, Ferry County, on July 27, 2000. Our GIN (Government Issued identification Number) is 247460.  It is interesting to note that many of the people who are racially of dispersed "True Israel" are still completely ambivalent to their true Scriptural Hebrew Bible identity. In this sense, True Israel still remains completely lost to history. Many have adopted Christianity from pressure placed upon them while Rome was under the Emperor Constantine. They were forced to become Christians or be killed. The True Israelites of the Diaspora are not to be confused with the State now called Israel, or the people called Jews living in the State called Israel. Most Jewish people are not descendants of Biblical Israel. Jews are a religious group but not a racial group. Most are not a part of the Biblical "True Israelites" that descend from Jacob/Israel.


The word "Cascade" that we use in the name of our local assembly comes from the name of the "Cascade Mountain range” located in North Western Washington, America. This is a mountain range close to the area where many of our “locals” live. The word "Cascade" is simply a word used to identify our particular Assembly from other similar Assemblies of Yahweh, in this area of the Pacific Northwest and over the globe. Assemblies may also be called "gatherings" or sometimes "Ecclesia" (Greek for “called-out-ones”). We use "Yahweh" in our name, because it is the correct and proper Name of the Almighty Creator, as transliterated from the Hebrew name YHWH (Yahweh into English).


We are a portion of the "Collective Assembly" of the people of True Israel of the Diaspora (the scattering of ancient Biblical Israel), and those that have become True Israelites through adoption, by also accepting and keeping the Covenant Yahweh has with ancient Israel. All groups become members of Yahweh’s heavenly household by Covenant. The original Israelites of the “Diasporas” came from the people which grew from the ancient 12 tribes originating from the 12 sons of the patriarch Ya'acov (Jacob, renamed Israel) of the Hebrew Bible. Only those who become Covenant keepers are the True Israelites.


First Diaspora: At about 931-919 B.C.E., the original Nation of Israel divided into two Kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom (10-1/2 tribes*) under King Jeroboam became known as the Kingdom of Israel. The Southern Kingdom (2-1/2 tribes) under King Rehoboam became named the Kingdom of Yahud (1 Kings 12). The Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V beginning in 745-721 B.C.E. a result of their violations of Yahweh's Covenant/Contract agreement with them; they were subsequently exiled into Assyria (2 Kings 17:5-7). These Israelites, while exiled out of the "Promised Land" and living in Assyria grew to be a huge population of people.


Second Diaspora: The Israelites of the Southern Kingdom of Yahud lasted a bit longer while in the "Promised Land" but were eventually conquered by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, in 586 B.C.E., also as a result of their violations of Yahweh's Covenant/Contract with them. They were taken into Babylon (Jer. 24:1, 2 Kings 24:11-16). From these two dispersions of millions of Israelites, only about 42,360 ever came back to the "Promised Land" (many with mixed racial blood from their years in Babylon).


The Israelites, of the First Diaspora, subsequently migrated and dispersed out of Assyria because they grew to a huge population of people. Most migrated from living near the Caucasus Mountains, and become known to history as the "Caucasian" nations of Western Europe and the nations of the British Isles.


Last Diaspora: The final and last dispersion of the remaining Israelites (those living in the First Century of the area now known as Palestine) came just before the destruction of Jerusalem and the burning of the Temple by the Romans in 70 C.E. Those that believed in the prophesy of Yahshua (aka Jesus) the Messiah of the New Testament regarding the coming of this destruction (see Matthew 24), and obeyed his order to flee when the signs of his prophesy became apparent, were delivered (saved) from death by believing in his prophecy,  and then leaving the City fleeing into the mountains (Matt. 24). Those that refused his prophecy and remained in the City suffered greatly, and were not “saved by the words of Yahshua.” Many died from starvation and many were killed by Roman soldiers. Some of those captured after the fall and destruction of the City ended in Rome to be used for Roman "sporting activities," some were sold as slaves, eventually most were killed,  a direct result of refusing to obey the prophesy of Yahshua Messiah, who was sent by Yahweh to warn them, and save them if they believed his prophesy.


From the time of the First Diaspora, the 10-1/2 tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, along with most of the Yahudi from the 2-1/2 tribes of the Second Diaspora were called “the Lost Tribes of Israel.” During the life of Messiah Yahshua, the Israelites still remaining in the land of Yahud were collectively referred to as the Yahudim even though they were a mixed people group. Some of these remaining Israelites were the descendants of the 42,360 (more or less) people that returned under Nehemiah and Ezra, following the Second Diaspora and after the 70 years in captivity, (Jer. 29:10). Like the Israelites of the First Diaspora, and most of the Israelites of the Second Diaspora they never stayed in the ancient "Promised Land" but instead migrated into Western Europe and to Great Britain amalgamating with the Israelites there. This began the dispersion of Israel over the globe.


The Ancient Biblical Israelites from all the original 12 tribes have now migrated into all the nations of the entire globe. The Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, of True Israel is just part of the people coming from these "Lost Tribes" of Israel, wherever they may assemble or are gathered.


We are NOT "White Supremacists" and we do not adhere to their belief. We have no association with White Supremacist groups of any kind. Our Scriptural "Statement of belief" as posted on this web-site is very different from the belief of White Supremacists. Unlike Supremacists we do NOT consider ourselves as the descendants of Aryan people. Aryans are of the Middle Eastern "Euro-Indian" race of peoples. We are racialists simply because we happen to believe that Yahweh (our Almighty Sovereign Creator and Power) of the Hebrew Bible created all the various races. We do not believe that one race is superior to any other, but recognize that all are special, and created by Yahweh NOT to be equal. This is a good thing. We know that some differences between the races may well have developed from environment, by intelligence, knowledge, custom, or culture, and even by man-made laws. Yet, it is our understanding that Yahweh in His infinite wisdom and knowledge created the races to be different by His direct design. When the creation process was completed He "saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good" (Gen. 1:31). What was declared good by Yahweh is viewed to be good by us also.  We do not believe that the colored races are inferior "mud people" as "White Supremacists" would believe, or that the Jewish people are descendants of the so-called "serpent race." We DO believe as the Bible clearly teaches that the ancient Israelites have specific responsibilities through Contract/Covenant with their Sovereign Creator Yahweh that other people or races do not have. The Contract/Covenant Yahweh made with Israel (Deut. 5:2-22) is still in effect, with has blessings attached for obedience but also His liabilities associated with it for disobedience that other non-covenant races are not subjected to.


Many of us are born racially of Adamic Semitic/Caucasian descent commonly called the "white race" or the "Adamic race" but not by our choosing. However, there are some "whites" that clearly are not Semitic people. We believe we are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were the first earthly parents of the white Adamic race. All the various races and people groups on the Globe were created by Yahweh through His Alueim in accordance with His plan; each race of people had their own origin and beginning in the age of their Creation, all in accordance with the Yahweh's will and plan. We believe that all of the original races pre-date the Adamic race of people by many thousands of years. We also believe that all the various races and "over the years" the mixed races of people on the globe have been give a specific purpose in the ultimate plan of the Creator which He alone will unfold exactly in accordance with His will and with His ultimate purpose in His due time. We accept members of other races to our society when they agree to the Biblical principles we as True Israelites hold, and Assemblies similar to ours are located in other countries of the globe.


True Israelites as a people group are Separatists, not by race, but with a specific understanding of this term. We maintain our "primary relationship" with the other various non-True-Israelites based strictly on the mandates of the Ancient Hebrew Bible. We believe that all the families of the various races of people on the globe should likewise maintain their own particular racial identity as given them by Yahweh and adhere to His principles when the become True Israelites. Yahweh created the various races from their beginning to remain as separate identities and that their customs and cultures should not be destroyed. We are Separatists because Yahweh Himself has mandated this for True Israelites in the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible teaches us that miscegenation (race mixing) is adultery, i.e. because adultery (adds impurities) to a specific bloodline (See Ex. 20). Miscegenation (inter-racial marriage by True Israelites) with various non-Adamic races is forbidden in the Hebrew Bible. Those from other races that become “True-Israelites” by keeping the Covenant as per (Isaiah 56) should then also maintain their racial identity; and should reject “inter-racial” marriage with other then their own racial identity. Inter-racial marriages will often have negative consequences to the parents or their offspring; in the present, or in the future. We do not condemn other races for this practice, when they have not subjected themselves under the same Contract/Covenant as required by True Israelites. We do believe however, that even for all other racial groups, inter-racial marriage by them will often have undesirable consequences due to the mixture of previous customs, culture, or religious beliefs. However, we do not condemn anyone for inter-racial marriage done in ignorance. Yahweh only will judge all in accordance with His natural laws that He has internally given to each. We are not Separatists from "association" with any other races or people groups. We have fellowship and associate on various religious levels with people from all the various other races on our planet almost daily.


Homosexuality and sexual deviation (LGBTQ types all violate “natural” law in whatever form, and under all circumstances regardless of race. These violations will always be punished by Yahweh, even to death (Yahweh's law, not ours). We will not knowingly associate with anyone practicing such perversions, or who would knowingly affirm the practice of such but Yahweh alone will be the judge. We are dedicated to revealing the rich Biblical history and identity of True Israel of the Diaspora. It is also our intent to restore the original historical faith and teachings of Yahwism (aka Israelism) received through the writings given in the Hebrew Bible. We do this by revealing corrupt doctrines and teaching, and by using the best available translation(s) of The Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek writings through correct exegesis, and by using proper etymology. We believe and trust that in this way Yahweh's Life-Force Essence will lead all those He calls to a complete understanding of his revelation to us, our responsibility for Son-ship, and to a correct understanding of Biblical doctrine(s). This is the primary purpose of our Assembly, and our Web-site. Simply put, we are "Yahwistic Israelites." We teach “Yahwism” the Simple Pure Truth as found in the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and applicable Greek writings. Yahweh is our One Alueim (Mighty One); Yahshua (aka Jesus) was a savior for the Israelites of 70 CE, (if they believed his prophecy) and was a kinsman brother to us.


It is not our intention to condemn anyone or any Modern Christian church for what we believe to be error in their doctrine(s) or for their use of pagan words and titles that have replaced the proper personal Biblical Names. We understand the traditions behind the observing of pagan customs that were propagated through powerful men and influential Roman Church leaders and the Roman Emperor Constantine beginning about 325 AD. Therefore we will teach correct Scripture and restore doctrine(s) and restore the proper names to what is recorded in history and taught in the Hebrew Bible. We ask for no more and no less than to present the basic truth of the Hebrew Bible to all willing to listen according to the set-apart Hebrew Bible. We trust that Yahweh, through the power of His Life-Force Essence will lead to the truth to all those who seek it.


We are not a “Christian” assembly, and differ from what is considered or presented as the acceptable modern Christian Doctrines presently being taught in many modern day Churches. We will stand only on the solid foundation and teachings of the historical Hebrew Bible alone rather than on the traditions of men, or on the uninspired works of the New Testament Greek writings no matter how religiously or politically incorrect we may be accused of being.


As members of the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, and as True Israelites (from all the tribes) of the House of Israel, we are Ambassadors for Yahweh. We believe that proselytes (all non-Israelites) in the House of Israel, and all those to whom Yahweh chooses to reveal Himself, and all those (the strangers) who come to trust, believe, and serve Yahweh, that keep His Commandments, form the Nation of “True” Israel, (Isaiah 56). We are a people "True Israel of the Diasporas" living within the united States of American, Canada, Europe, and all the many other “Countries” throughout the Globe.


True Israel is supposed to be a "Service people" among all the Nations chosen by Yahweh for the special purpose of teaching the other Countries correct living according to His Law, and by revealing to them the one true Almighty Sovereign Creator, who only can give life.


Non-Israelites can also put themselves under Yahweh's Covenant (10 Commandments). Isa. 56 speaks of such as receiving even a greater reward because they did, and because they obeyed what was not required of them. Non-Israelites are welcomed to pick up that same commission and will also be blessed for serving Yahweh by keeping his (10 Commandments) and the Sabbath. By doing Yahweh’s will they can also receive eternal life as True Israelites and become eternal members of Yahweh’s heavenly house-hold, along with any other covenant keeping blood Israelites.


The key to acceptance by Yahweh is a love for His will to be done on Earth as it is in the Heavens, through our obedience and faithfulness. "If you love Me keep My commandments" (Deut. 6:4-5, 11:1; Matt. 22:40).


*Note: The tribe of Joseph became the two tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, (making for 13 tribes).




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