Yahwism – Judaism – Christianity

The Common Basic Beliefs of each

There appears to be a general consensus by conservative and some mainline Protestant faith groups that a list of common beliefs might include the following:  For a more details, also visit: Yahwism vs Christianity

Common Basic beliefs of Christianity - https://www.gotquestions.org/Christianity-beliefs.html

·                  God is a Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) three persons of the one God-head.

·                  The deity of Jesus (Jesus is both God and man). All three can be worshipped.

·                  The sinless life of Jesus (he needed to be unblemished) for a proper sacrifice.

·                  The virgin birth of Jesus (Holy Spirit God was his Father).

·                  Jesus' bodily resurrection (was resurrected by the Father God).

·                  Jesus' ascension to Heaven (is now seated on the right-hand of God somewhere in heaven)

·                  The atonement (sacrifice of Jesus) required for payment to God for man’s sin.

·                  Personal salvation by grace of God; requires repentance and belief in Jesus’ sacrifice.

·                  Eternal hell is the place reserved for the unbeliever.

·                  The inerrancy of the Bible, both Hebrew and Greek (as originally scribed).

·                  The inspiration of the Bible's authors by the Holy Spirit (every word is inspired.)

·                  The second coming of Jesus for ruler and King.


Common Basic beliefs of Judaism - http://www.jewfaq.org/beliefs.htm

The widely-accepted list of Jewish beliefs is Rambam's principles of faith. The principles which Rambam thought were the minimum requirements of Jewish belief (from Judaism 101) are:

·                  G-d exists.

·                  G-d is one and unique.

·                  G-d is incorporeal (not physical).

·                  G-d is eternal, past, present, and future.

·                  Prayer is to be directed to G-d alone and to no other.

·                  The words of the prophets are true.

·                  Moses' prophecies are true, and Moses was the greatest of the prophets.

·                  The Written Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) and Oral Torah  (teachings in the Talmud and other                writings)

·                  Like the Kabala, the Oral Torah  usurps the written Torah.

·                  There will be no other Torah.

·                  G-d knows the thoughts and deeds of men.

·                  G-d will reward the good and punish the wicked.

·                  The Messiah will someday come.

·                  The dead will be resurrected .

Common Basic beliefs of Yahwism - https://aoycascade.com/Documents/Statement-of-belief.html

·                  YHWH – is the Hebrew name of the Creator, the Original Originator. YHWH in English is “Yahweh.”

·                  YHWH is incorporeal (not physical), He is the Life-Force Essence that fills all of His Creation.

·                  YHWH is Ever-Living, who has always existed in the past, the present, and will be in the future.

·                  Prayer is to be directed only to YHWH (as the Creator) and to no other Powers or Mighty One(s).

·                  The words of prophets, when meeting the test, are reliable and proven according to the Hebrew Bible.

·                  Yahshua (aka Jesus) of the New Testament was a teacher/a prophet to First Century Israel. He is not divine.

·                  The Bible (Hebrew or Greek) is not inerrant and not all the words or books in it are inspired by YHWH.

·                  YHWH knows the thoughts and deeds of men; is always in control of Creation; there are no fallen angels.

·                  The Covenant (the 10 Commandments) is an agreement with YHWH and all those who accept and keep it.

·                  Torah is Law. The Torah principles apply. There is no “man-made oral Torah” or authority.

·                  The “Renewed” Covenant comes to dwell within the heart of all true believers who accept it and YHWH.

·                  Personal salvation is by the mercy of YHWH upon a sincere repentance and belief in Him.

·                  YHWH gives eternal life to Covenant keepers; all those who live righteously and strive to do his will.

·                  The souls of the wicked perish at death (there is no eternal hell). The souls of the righteous live forever.